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News & Events
Dear our best friends partner and dost and 朋友们,
Good morning. How are you doing? Wish you have a nice trip in Shanghai and back home safe with your success and happy during CISMA2019.Nice to meet you in our booth. Thank you very much for all of your kind support always since 2014 we official begin export. We wanna say thank you very much for your trust and help. 
Welcome to give us more advises to help us improve more make your team happier and better profit in this competition market.
We make one short summary for 
We will launch our newest version:

Plotter (Fastest one with HP88 continue ink supply system approved by HP officially) Let us rename the plotters for textile together.

Single Ply cutter (Fastest one)  It is most stable and efficiently single ply cutter in CISMA 2019. 

Projector and scanner for Cutter (newest solution )   It is best solution for Pattern scanner and digital printing cutting 

Video Link:

Fastest and best calibration GTCM (template cutting machine)  Our cutting quality is perfect smooth and best curve many Chinese end users change from cheap machine to us due to only our products can meet their requirement for curve and smooth cutting lines to save more needles.

Auto paper feeder with Continue cutting for FC  (First Inkjet Flatbed cutting plotter can work with function continue cutting means one long file can across 2 windows and we can cut contiue after automatic feed paper) 


Welcome to contact with us for more details and video. Let us rename all products take you best profit and sell more than your sales forecast always like our agents done.
For more detail please download attached video please click the link of dropbox. 

Welcome to contact with us for more detail.

Marketing Department of ATPJET NP

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