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HP45 Patent protect finish 2017
For the HP 45 (TIJ2.5 technology) the patent protect date already finish this year. It means next year everybody can produce same quality HP 45 cartridges.  Due to HP worry the HP 45 cartridges will become very cheap after everybody can produce same quality one and they reduce HP 45 cartridges production.
Unfortunately the others not finish production of HP 45 and not sell to market now. So some area lack of HP 45 inks now.
Remind:  By this reason market also has not enough good quality empty HP45 cartridges.  So refilled HP cartridges quality are very low right now. Don't buy refilled ink recently.
                  Next year Hp 45 cartridges should be very cheap if others begin sell to market

It like Gerber bristle after patent protect everybody can produce.  The price will go down very quickly. 

Only need face little stress in these months. Later all of us will happy due to no need buy refilled ink and Original good quality also very cheap.
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