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News & Events
Mar 7 Mr. Arif from Pakistan visited us.

We are glad to tell you Mr. Arif from Reckon company visited our factory on March 7,2017 in Guangzhou and Office Center on March 20,2017  in Shanghai. He is very happy with his visiting. 

He is our friends since I worked 2008 in Gamma Tech/Gerber. This time he visited us only for friendship and potential cooperation with us.  They most focus on sewing machines and begin think to move to from cheap to best quality and best service and most profit ATPJET Inkjet plotters.  So we are still open for you in the Pakistan market and you have chance to be our agent even ealier than them.

We do wish he can share some important information.
1 best material
2 best parts (almost most moving parts are best supplier such as NSK Japan for bearing  /  Encoder Strip same supplier for Sony /Cable from Igus Germany)
3. best productin equipment  We use HAAS CNC (made in USA) to produce our important parts. So always our all parts are first class 
4. HP official OEM partner and we use HP newest technology like Gamma tech.  Other partner not use HP new technology very well even they are OEM partner due to cost is huge for meeeting HP standard 
5.Most experienced worker (all of our workers work for us more than 5 years) our company policy is only use correct best person or we will not add new employee
6. Best Mangement for production and factory. This is what we strong in too.
7. Full line hard ware for CAD system from inkjet plotters /inkjet cutting plotters/template cutting machines /single ply cutters and each year we will have one new products for agents to make bigger profit
8. Best support team and good communicate team (this also very important.  We can translate your meaning correct and fast to our company. )  

What we can supply to you :
each model we have cheap for low level user and best for high level user. Even cheap model are most stalbe and at least 30% faster and 2 times lifetime longer than others.  Also our stable is No1.
For Example:

Inkjet plotters:
1. E series inkjet plotters for small user   (even cheap model but quality still amazing good quality. just change appearance for marketing only)
2.  4245 Middle level inkjet plotters for middle level users
3. S  inkjet plotters for Gerber/Lectra or other high level users

For more detail please check the attached introduce of our products.

We promise to increase your sales 2 times (profit double too) and reduce your service cost 70% in our first year cooperation compared with others.

So welcome to contact with us for more details.  Welcome to visit us in China.

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