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News & Events
News & Events
Dear our best friend and Partner ,
Good morning. How are you? Long time no see.
We wish you have a nice holiday in August. We have no long holidays in China but we also have little relax with some friends visiting from oversea:) Also welcome to visit us when you are available.

The newest marketing material for ATPJET in September 2016 already release. Welcome to contact with us for sending you this important file.

We do hope it will take your sales team or you some new ideas or views to the traditional CAD products in the market.

Also welcome to give us your advises or feedback for this material.  

We do hope you like it. Thank you. Welcome to visit us.

Recently we have G20 meetings in Hangzhou not far from Shanghai and all factories beside closed so we have very very nice blue sky and nice air.  After this I think the cars not main reason to worest air pollution in China. Main problem is the factories. 
Let's make clean factory reduce air pollution in China.

Welcome to China. 
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