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Show Report for TUYAP and Texprocess in 2016

For Official Picture Report please download from the follow:

The follow information without photos:

In order to save more time to know our products we share some high lights of our Shows recently with you.

I TUYAP Show in Istanbul Turkey from April 27 to April 30,2016.

 We launch our Big Tank System (continue ink supply system) in TUYAP Show:

For more detail and video please download the video from dropbox: (this is one option and you can add this system to any of our ATPJET NP products)

II Our Local Partner use our ATPJET-2185S Inkjet Plotter plotting directly on the fabric according the local furniture user requirement during the show. The test is very success and all the furniture users will no need for plotting paper from now.

All the visitors interested in our new technology or new using by our partners in Turkey.

For more details please download from Dropbox:

III Inkjet Cutting Plotter: (1 machine 2 function saving space and saving cost) Also we have double paper Roll system for users to option.

Thanks for HP support that our ATPJET CPS/CPE inkjet cutting plotter can cleaning the cartridge most efficiently. ( You don’t need cleaning cartridge manually anymore also the plotting line quality is best) 

This function is very important for all inkjet plotting works especially important for inkjet cutting plotter. ( Also it’s important for compatible cartridges due to our ATPJET model can read the detail data of Cartridges you are using to give best performance.)

ATPJET GTCM Template Cutting Machine: ( It is the best partner of Automatic Sewing Machine. Best vacuum system with best mechanical parts and design for heavy duty and longest lifetime )

Texprocess Atlanta USA from May 2 to May 5,2016

We show Inkjet Cutting Plotter according the TUKATECH USA product quality level and TUKATECH design model and they supply their own technology for this product to us and we just assembly for them according their own design and quality level (this model meet USA standard and TUKATECH products only).

The cutting quality is best!  (The paper is 300g/m²nearly the max of our cutting plotter.But the cutting quality is amazing)

We also supply you ODM and OEM products. (You also can make your own technology or idea become truth!)

Welcome to contact with us for more details.

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